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All procedures require a appointment.
Please come exactly on time to your appointment.
Please ONLY the client receiving the piercing may come in as to not over fill the shop.

​When requesting a appointment please include the ideal date and time and we will send a confirmation email.

Due to limited time we will not be changing jewelry unless piercing is at risk.
We will only be tending to clients of our own procedures.
Only the person with appointment my be in the store.
Unnecessary and extra items are not allowed.
Clients are required to wear a mask we can provide one if needed.


All prices include jewelry

(We don't do piercings under 10 YRS)

Lobes (1) - $30  (2) - $50

Helix  -  $50

Navel - $60

Conch  - $60

Rook - $65

Daith - $65

Tragus - $60

Nose - $60

Septum - $75

Tongue - $69

Side lip - $50

Monroe - $60

Labrett - $75

Vertical labrett - $75

Smilie - $75

Eyebrow - $60

Industrial - $100

Nipples (1) - $60 (2) - $100


SEAN FURY is a tattoo artist based out of British Columbia, Canada at Defiance Body Studio located in Maple Ridge 40 minutes out of Vancouver. Tattoos are by appointment only. Please leave a detailed message to make an appointment including: Exactly what you would like for design and where you want it. You MUST be at least 18 NO exceptions. Rate is 150$/hr. You will leave a deposit upon the consultation appointment (Non refundable). The amount will depend on size and complexity of your tattoo. Due to the high volume of messages NOT all requests will be answered right away. Due to heavy work load not all projects can be taken on. Thank you for considering SEAN FURY as your artist.

Contact SEAN FURRY directly through the link below


Healing your piercing

Bio-septic / Saline spray: Apply to newly pierced area 3-4 times a day and let the solution dry. DO NOT wipe away.

Step 1: Use a saline / bio septic solution 2-3 times a day both sides of piercing.
Step 2: Spray on Q-tip or direct on the piercing and let air dry.
Step 3: Gently clean the inside and out of piercing(s).

Oral piercing aftercare:
1 Avoid excess talking and playing with jewellery.
2 Avoid smoking
3 avoid Oral sexual activities
4Use mouthwash without alcohol 2-4 times a day.

Things to look out for
(Avoid)  Touching and playing with your piercing!!
(Avoid)  Public pools, Lakes and Rivers.
(Avoid)  Bleaching and or colouring your hair while healing your piercing.
(Reminder)  Most bacteria that causes infection comes from your hands.
(Signs of infection):  Extremely sore to the touch. Excessive redness. Discharge of
green and bloody puss when moving the jewelry.

Healing time:

After you feel it's healed we recommend giving an extra week or two before switching jewelry to avoid flare-ups

(Aprox times)
Lobes - 6 weeks
Cartilage - 3-6 months
Nose - 3-6 months
Inner Ear - 3-6 months
Septum - 3 months
Eyebrow - 6-12 weeks
Oral - 4-6 weeks
Nipple - 2-3 months
Exotic - 6 weeks

(If jewelry falls out)  Go to your piercer ASAP before piercing closes.
(To prevent) Tighten everytime after you shower.
(What to do)  If you believe your piercing is infected see your piercer as soon as possible to plan a course of action.

Aftercare Products

Rage saline spray

Apply to area 3-4 times per day or as needed. For best results apply on area and let it completely dry. Do not wipe off.

Other services

Jewelry change - $10 
(No charge at time of purchase of jewelry)

Jewelry removal / Put in - $10 
(Example for operations requiring the temporary removal of jewelry) 

Taper - $10

Replacement jewelry balls (set of 2) - $5

consent forms

Have an appointment before filling out, Thanks

Piercing consent form

Learn More

Tattoo consent form

Learn More


For any tattoo estimates please contact Sean furry directly through his page

  • 22337 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
  •   604-466-9959
  •  defiancebodystudio@gmail.com
  •  Hours: Hours may change due to COVID-19 Defiance will be closed all statutory holidays. To inquire about tattoos please contact SEAN FURY directly. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sunday: 12pm - 5pm Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday: 12pm - 5pm Thursday: 12pm - 5pm Friday: 12pm - 5pm Saturday: 12pm - 5pm

We do our best to accommodate all requests and consultations when possible.