Healing your piercing

Blue wave spray: Spray newly pierced area 2-3 times a day and let the solution dry. DO NOT wipe away.

Healing time:
These times are approximate as everyone is different.

After you feel it's healed we recommend giving an extra
week or two before switching jewelry to avoid flare-ups

Lobes - 6 weeks
Cartilage - 3-6 months
Nose - 3-6 months
Inner Ear - 3-6 months
Septum - 3 months
Eyebrow - 6-12 weeks
Oral - 4 weeks
Nipple - 2-3 months
Exotic - 6 weeks

(If jewelry falls out)  Go to your piercer ASAP before piercing closes.
(To prevent) Tighten everytime after you shower.

Signs of infection

(Avoid)  Touching and playing with your piercing!!
(Avoid)  Public pools, Lakes and Rivers.
(Avoid)  Hair contact and colouring your hair while healing your piercing.
(Reminder)  Most bacteria that causes infection comes from your hands.
(Signs):  Extremely sore to the touch. Excessive redness. Discharge of
green and bloody puss when moving the jewelry.

(What to do)  If you believe your piercing is infected see your piercer as soon as possible to plan a course of action.
DO NOT remove jewelry as the opening can enclose bacteria inside.